How to Join

Anyone who has an interest in photography is welcome to join the club. Below are some details which you may find useful.

What can the club do for me?

The club endeavours to create opportunities for you to develop your passion for photography. It provides developmental topics at club meetings, holds various workshops during the year, conducts group shoots at various locations around Cape Town and provides critical feedback on member contributions. However, while it can provide mentorship from more experienced members in the course of its programmes, it does not pretend to train anyone formally as a photographer − for this there are several schools offering full- and part-time courses in Cape Town.

How much does it cost to join the club per annum?

Single members: R400
Partners*: R640 (entitles both members to full club membership)
Students and Pensioners (60+): R300 Country membership: R300
*Partners may also attend shoots without being members.
Note: Only paid up members will be entitled to enter images in the monthly competition.

How much experience in photography do I need?
A basic understanding of how to use your camera and a love of photography is all you need! We have all levels of photographers at the club and we are all happy to help if you need assistance.

What kind of camera do I need?
Any camera will do, from cellphone to point-and-shoot to digital SLR. It is far better to know how to make your simple camera work than for you to go out and buy the fanciest and most expensive camera on the market and not know where to start!

Can I come and see what the meetings and shoots are about before I decide to join?
Yes, you may attend one meeting and one shoot before deciding to join the club.

Whom can I contact to find out more information about joining?
Contact the Chairman on email at