Development Plan and Activities 2021

At least for the start of 2021, the Creative Camera Club has a revised Development and Activities Plan due to COVID-19 restrictions. This plan is based on 3 Parts and forms the basis for the monthly meetings and related discussion groups.

The plan comprises:

Part 1: Monthly Club Meetings on the first Monday of each month: These entail club announcements, club business and a brief outline of the month’s creative theme. Each meeting then continues with viewing and experts’ judging of members’ various digital image submissions followed by a discussion. Judges scores are entered in the monthly members’ competition.

Part 2: Creative Themes: These are set for each month and during the period where we do not have shoots, two images can be submitted per member.

Part 3: Voluntary virtual informal discussion group: These are online meeting facilitated by senior Creative Camera Club members. Members are invited to talk to their images, giving intentions and inviting comments on whether this was achieved. The discussion group can provide input on how the image can be improved, and if needed, the image can be submitted at the next meeting. There is no scoring, only comments and discussion, focusing on the craft and techniques of image making.

More details of this plan, showing how each part works, are given in the table below.

Part 1:
Meeting and Monthly competition
Monday 7.00-10.00pm
Part 2:
Creative Themes and deadlines for submission of images
Part 3:
Voluntary virtual informal discussion group
Third Monday 7.30-9.30pm
January – no meeting 1. Abstract/with optional multiple exposure images
2. Animals/birds/landscapes
Due January 25
February 1 Before and After
Submit 2 images, one straight out the camera and the same one processed. Judging will be on both images.
Due February 22
Discussion group
February 15
Chris Kinross and Doug Young
March 1
AGM 6.30-7.00pm
Due March 29
Discussion group
March 15
April 5 Complimentary Colours
Due April 26
Discussion group
April 19
May 3 Negative Spaces
Due May 31
Discussion group
May 17
June 7 BOKEH and Depth of Field
Due June 28
Discussion group
June 21
July 5 Perspective
Due July 26
Discussion group
July 19
August 2 Patterns
Due August 30
Discussion group
August 16
September 6 Story telling
Due September 27
B&W Workshop
September 20
Harvey Augenbraun
October 4 Monochrome
Due October 25
Discussion group
October 18
November 1 The Red Shirt
Due November 29
Discussion group
November 15
December 6 Nature (1 image)
People at Work (1 image)
Due January 31, 2022
Discussion group